The rise of LED lighting has been rapid but that’s no surprise to us as we know how effective it is in homes and businesses around the North East! As this form of lighting becomes even more popular, different trends will start to take over. We are always looking for the latest big thing so that we can offer our customers the best up to date options. Read on to find out some of our LED lighting predictions for 2020.

Retro but Modern

LED doesn’t always have to mean a contemporary aesthetic and older styles don’t always to mean older lighting. This year is set to see a big rise in the use of retro LED lights as a design centrepiece.  You can even find LED lights with different colours which complement a retro atmosphere.

Brighter Lights

In the previous few years we have witnessed new technologies being developed to improve the quality of LED lighting even further. These new technologies will begin to be used more commonly in 2020, to make your lighting much brighter whilst maintaining first class energy efficiency.

Necessity for Businesses

Our final prediction for 2020 is that LED lighting will become an absolute necessity for businesses across the country. LED is simply such a money saver, that businesses who don’t have it installed will be at a huge financial disadvantage compared to their competitors. We can already see companies including the installation of LED in their key financial plans for the year.

Whilst these are just some of our big LED predictions for 2020, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this ever-developing lighting form. AIO Electrical Services are here to keep you up to date with the latest advice and guidance on LED. For more information give us a call on 0191 406 2539 or visit

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