Soon you’ll be venturing into your loft to dig out the Chistmas tree, lights and decorations and the big ‘switch on’ will begin. Christmas tree lights, light up Reindeers in the garden, families gathered around the TV, games consoles, new phones and tablets charging and everyone is at home all at the same time so the kettle is on, hairdryer, shower, cooker… need we go on!

It’s an amazing time of year and AIO Electrical want to ensure you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Christmas. Please take a few minutes to read this article and ensure you avoid any nasty electrical accidents. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important electrical safety checks you can make in your home this Christmas. If you live in the North East please do not hesitate to AIO – your local electrical company and we’ll be happy to inspect your property and advise on any changes you need to make.

Sockets. Check.

The key message here is to NEVER OVERLOAD SOCKETS. It doesn’t matter whether they’re plugged in directly or you’re using an extension lead, if you overload sockets it can cause a fire or electric shock. Both of which are extremely dangerous and can kill.

Think. When you’re plugging in your Christmas lights check you haven’t overloaded your sockets. It’s also a great time to check your sockets anyway. If you’re pulling the TV out to plugin your tree check you haven’t overloaded the sockets.

If you’re in any doubt call us. We’ll come to your property and if necessary we’ll install new sockets for you. We can even install external plug sockets for outside lighting.

Lights & trees. Check.

Lights wrapped around a Christmas tree look fantastic. However, they do pose a potential fire risk if they’re damaged or worn.

To keep safe make sure you carefully check the wire and bulbs for any damage. Don’t takes risks if you’re any doubt throw them away.

If you have an artificial tree make sure it is fire resistant.

If you’re choosing new lights or have to buy replacements make sure they carry the CE safety standard mark. If not then look elsewhere. Always buy from reputable stores as they a far less likely to stock untested or dangerous products.

North East Electricians

If you have any doubt about electrical safety at Christmas or indeed any time of the year please, please contact us. It’s our mission to keep you safe, we will always offer our professional opinion and if you’re in Newcastle upon Tyne or surrounding areas we will get a qualified electrician out to your home.

AIO Electrical Services. Keeping you safe.

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